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Leverage Real Estate Brokerage was borne out of years of experiences and relationships Kevin and Square One have forged with local community leaders and numerous non-profit organizations. Recognizing the needs of these organizations, whose day-to-day missions range from the education and nutritional necessities of children to the needs of the elderly in our community, Kevin saw a need that had not been filled. The necessity for non-profits to have experienced Owner’s Representation in real estate transactions who understand the mission of that organization is their clients, not a building; to have professionals at their disposal when searching for a new building, land to build on, or feasibility and due diligence expertise is paramount and allows each to focus on their respective missions. These experiences, along with a heart for the community he calls home, prompted Kevin to embark on his latest venture…Leverage Real Estate Brokerage.

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Jerry, Gregory, and Kevin have all worked together on a large number of projects and worked so well together that they've decided to start Leverage Real Estate Brokerage!


JERRY GOFF | JGOFF@SQ1.US | 512.784.5995

Jerry, a Houston, TX native, is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in Industrial/Systems Engineering with emphasis on studies in Operations Research and Quantitative Management. 

Over forty years of engineering and project management and real estate brokerage experience has provided him with a strong background in the site location, feasibility, conception, design and construction of large scale projects. His responsibilities and experiences have covered a broad range of activities including planning, designing, scheduling, budgeting and construction administration. He has negotiated contracts, hired and supervised a wide variety of professionals in team environments including architects, engineers, contractors and facility managers and has a hands-on proficiency with managing and directing complex projects.  

Recognizing the importance of public service, Jerry served as a Commissioner of the Texas Public Finance Authority (originally the Texas Public Building Authority), and under Governors Mark White and Bill Clements; involved in the project feasibility, financing, design and construction of over $1 billion in cost of office buildings, warehouse facilities, prisons and other correctional facilities around the State.

Gregory Noack 2017 Print.jpeg

GREGORY NOACK | GNOACK@SQ1.US | 512.633.5566

As the granddaughter of an architect and the daughter of a building contractor and mortgage lender - real estate and building is a natural fit for Gregory. With a bachelors degree in Organizational Management from John Brown University,  14 years of experience in residential real estate, and over 15 years of sales and service experience in the Event Management & Hospitality industry Gregory brings attention to detail, a keen eye for process and a commitment to extraordinary customer service. 

As a native Austinite, Gregory is committed to preserving the sense of community and caring atmosphere unique to Austin. For 25 plus years, she has been an active volunteer in Austin’s non-profit community. In 2014-2015 she served as President of The Junior League of Austin; is a 2014 Leadership Austin Essentials Class graduate; and the current President of the Alpha Chi Omega Local House Corporation at the University of Texas. Serving the community she loves, and the organizations she believes in is a way of life for Gregory and a way of giving back to the community she calls home. 

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KEVIN FLEMING | KEVIN@SQ1.US | 512.633.0668

With 40 years in the construction industry, Kevin Fleming, an expert in the Project Management and Owner’s Representative field, continually provides exceptional service to his clients. Coupled with his degree in Architectural Engineering and real estate brokers license his lengthy experience, beginning with employment at Lincoln Property Company, provides Kevin proficient knowledge in representing owners and understanding the processes involved in seeing a project from conception to completion. Starting Square One in 1995, Kevin formed and continues to develop a company committed to excellence in performing on behalf of owners, understanding their needs and executing their project goals. Communicating with all parties involved, managing design disciplines, focusing on scheduling and budget issues, facing challenges and resolving conflicts, Kevin not only succeeds in finishing a project in a timely manner, but also gains the respect and trust of his clients, making him a leading individual in his industry.

Kevin’s latest endeavor, Leverage Real Estate Brokerage, is a full-service brokerage company focusing on the real estate search and build feasibility for small companies and non-profits.  


We recognize your time and money is valuable and irreplaceable. Our goal is to “break the deal before we make the deal.” With years of experience, our team of expert vendors and consultants will analyze and vet land, existing buildings and potential build projects to ensure the identified property will meet your organization’s requirements and budget.


Site selections are the single most important decisions an owner will make. It drives all future design and development decisions as well as drives the budget. Leverage’s ultimate goal is to ensure our clients make informed and cost-effective site selections. We do this by assembling a team of experts to navigate the land/building, contract negotiations, site analysis, feasibility, costs to build, budgeting, and scheduling. Finding ways to overcome these obstacles allows our clients to proceed confidently with their project knowing potential issues have been discovered and a game plan is in place to address them.

Land/Building Search

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Depending on a client’s requirements we’ll search for a tract of land or an existing building to suit your needs.


Image by Gabrielle Henderson

We will work with a Seller or Owner to negotiate the best price and terms for our client on a tract of land, lease space, or an existing building 

Site Analysis, Feasibility, Due Diligence

Image by Mark Potterton

Prior to your purchasing a site, we will gather your program requirements and determine all of the regulatory obstacles, rules, regulations, zoning, and other constraints that would limit your use of the real estate in question; we will help you navigate a maze of local rules and regulations that can make a site unsuitable for your mission. 

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During the due diligence period of your contract we’ll assemble a team to review the property to make sure it is a fit. Initial investment to be expected. $15 - $25K

Civil Engineer

Image by Daniel McCullough

Performs the feasibility study and researches the building constraints (including zoning, legal lot status, floodplain restrictions, broadband capacity and limitations of existing utility services) to determine if a certain tract of land is suitable and affordable for your use; calculates the impervious cover limitations, water quality ponds required or other geological conditions that might preclude your use of the site.

Geo Tech

Image by GeoJango Maps

Provides drilling rigs, field technicians and lab personnel to perform soil borings and tests to determine the suitability of a site to your building requirements.

Environmental Assessment

Image by Nicolas Castez

Performs investigations to uncover any undesirable environmental conditions that would make a site too hazardous or too costly to develop.

Traffic Consultant

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Performs a traffic impact analysis to determine the effects of your proposed use on the neighboring streets and any cost of mitigation or impact fees based on the local jurisdictions rules and regulations.



Projects Jerry, Gregory, and Kevin have been a part of. 



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Kevin, Jerry and their team were extremely thorough, helpful and efficient in finding an excellent site for our new adult caregiving center and corporate headquarters. I would recommend them to any organization that is searching for a new location and seeks professional guidance.

Suzanne Anderson

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